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Patient Info

What to expect from your first appointment?

Most appointments take place in the consulting suites at Shard. First appointments are normally for 30 minutes which allows time for you to explain your problems and also to be examined and a management plan to be formulated. Every consultation is followed up with a typed letter for you to keep, written in plain English so that you can understand what has been discussed. Letters and all correspondence are usually sent to you via email to save time and be environmentally friendly.

Quite often tests need to be organised which will require you to return for a subsequent appointment.

The most common test ordered is video Urodynamics and you will find more details about this in the advice sheet on the patient information page.

The results of your Urodynamics test will normally be discussed immediately afterwards to save you having to be seen at a further appointment, this again will be followed up with a letter explaining what was agreed.

You may also be advised to seek specialist help from a women’s physiotherapist in some cases and you will find more details about this in the patient information page.

If at any point there is any confusion please either phone Nicola or email her where we will endeavour to contact you back within 1 working day.

Health Insurance

Dealing with medical insurance companies

Sushma is recognised by all major insurance companies and her patients have been insured with a variety of insurers including but not limited to include BUPA, AXA PPP, CIGNA, AVIVA, VITALITY, WPA, PHS and Standard life.

Sushma is a "recognised" or "approved" Consultant with most major insurance companies.

Her fees generally are covered by all the major insurers and she charges usually within BUPA rates. Sometimes your policy will have an excess and recent reductions in payments by certain insurers mean that the fees may occasionally have some additional top up required. This represents a change in the insurance companies attitude rather than an increase of the fees being charged, if in doubt please check with your insurance provider or speak to Nicola.

Words from Our Patients