Happy, Healthy Women


I was very anxious and scared of the entire procedure, the anaesthetist, surgery and hospitals stay. However, you really put my mind at rest and along with the anaesthetist ensured a painless and stress free procedure. I cannot thank you enough.

Miss A.D.

Thank you so much for your time and patience. As you know I was very embarrassed by my symptoms and had lived with them for so many years- your down to earth approach and patience put my mind at rest immediately. Your team, including the physiotherapists and nurses have really helped me get my life back.

Mrs M.S.

Thank you so much . I was so embarrassed to talk about my personal life and the problems I was dealing with but you made it so matter of fact! I am so glad I came to see you.

Miss R.H.

I came to see Miss Srikrishna for a second opinion. I had been advised to have some more surgery and wasn’t sure. I was very surprised to hear that she advised me to not have surgery and start some intensive pelvic floor exercise therapy, at least till I felt my family was complete. I felt she really listened to what was important to me..

Mrs T.M.

I was so pleased with the care you gave me; I have been singing your praises to everyone! I think you have now seen my aunty and my cousin too. Thanks so much.

Ms Y.P.

I had suffered from bladder infections all my life and really thought I had to just put up with them- my cousin suggested I see you and I am so glad I did. You gave me sensible advice and practical suggestions which really helped- and now for the first time I am infection free! Thank you so much!

Miss B.N.

I have been seeing Miss Srikrishna for a long time. I really felt looked after and listened to. I was reluctant initially to have surgery; but she advised me about pessaries and fitted me with one as well. I was happy with this treatment for several years. When I felt circumstances had changed and wanted surgery to correct my prolapse, she operated on me. I was delighted at how pain free I was and how quickly I was back on my feet again..

Mrs D.I.